Building the Casquette Brand


We’re backing Casquette! The content-powered women’s cycling brand has built a worldwide following through its flagship magazine and online community. We’re now working with the founders as it expands into a global lifestyle brand, including at the London Bike Show.


At VIDA we support new and innovative digital media and content ventures. So we’ve been very interested in Casquette since its launch in 2016. We’re now excited to be investing and supporting the company as it moves from a niche to global lifestyle brand.  



Casquette has built a thriving community through great content.


Casquette was launched by content and design creatives Danielle Welton and Tan Doan. Together, they created a stunning magazine aimed at female cyclists, which has grown into a thriving community.

The fact that Casquette has achieved so much so quickly is testament to the founders’ talent in producing high quality content and connecting with their niche audience. They’ve always had a very clear vision.  

Casquette’s success since launch also reflects our belief in the power of great content, specifically premium niche content. The right content, targeted at the right audience, on the right platform, delivers results. It also brings major business development potential. We’re supporting Casquette to build on that potential as they bring their brand to a wider audience.



Casquette Live arrives at the London Bike Show March 29-31.


Alongside publishing its magazine and building its global digital community, with VIDA’s help Casquette is now forming event partnerships. Casquette Live will be at the London Bike Show at the ExCel, March 29-31, 2019. The brand will have its own stage, showcasing interviews, discussions, tutorials and stories from the full spectrum of women’s cycling.

Those featured will include professional riders Katie Archibald and Helen Wyman, cycling journalist Rebecca Charlton and former pros Molly Weaver and Iris Slappendel. There will also be a track stand workshop by women-only cycling club Velociposse and a Saddle Library, in association with London Bike Kitchen, with specialist advice and test ride opportunities available.


We’re really looking forward to working with Casquette and can’t wait for Casquette Live. Tickets for the event at London Bike Show on 29-31 March are available here.


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