Next Generation
Digital Media


Who we are

We’re VIDA – an incubator and accelerator for the digital media and content industry.


What We Do

VIDA’s mission is to be the growth partner for the next generation of digital media and social publishing brands.

Our team helps entrepreneurs, creators and talent get their content to market and build audiences fast. Our unique multi-revenue model delivers a hybrid of investment and commercial services, ensuring that our partners create sustainable and profitable businesses.

We provide our partners with access to investment expertise and a range of support services that allow their businesses to thrive. The services span strategy and growth including sales, marketing, monetisation, audiences and channel development plus strategic and corporate development.


Why we do it

VIDA is unique in supporting the growth of new and innovative digital media and content ventures. While the technology start up eco-system is well served, there is less support for businesses in the digital media and content space. VIDA is changing that.

VIDA was founded by experienced digital media and content entrepreneurs who have raised, built, failed and sold numerous businesses. We are knowledgeable and passionate about this disruptive, constantly evolving space. Our vision is to utilise our team's experience to help businesses succeed.  

VIDA supports advertisers and brands that are looking to build meaningful, relevant and impactful relationships with consumers, rather than just drive scale and reach. We believe in the power of data-driven but culturally powered niche digital audiences and understand the value they bring to our business partners.

We’re a venture builder for the next generation of digital media and social publishing brands.

Content For Good

Our not-for-profit division invests across all sectors in content that is a force for good. It could be education, wellbeing, healthcare, youth issues, mental illness, relationships - as long your project helps to solve a problem, or enhances and empowers people, we are interested in hearing your ideas.  

Contact us at or say hi on social media, and let’s chat.



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